Looking for a fun weekend with the kids? Vote in our latest Social Choice Awards poll and tell us where YOU go for the best family attraction in Arizona!

The poll will run through October 19, 2012 at which time a winner will be declared!

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Here is a partial list of family attractions in Arizona you can vote for in the poll:



What’s the best pizza joint in Arizona? Polls are open from now until August 17, 2012. Visit the Social Choice Award page for instructions on how to vote for the the Best Pizza in Arizona!

Take a look at the official Social Choice Award page. This contest is being sponsored by Social Network Arizona and seenBEST Web Design.

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Dear Small Business Owners, here are the details for our special event in May!

The business leaders that comprise Social Network Arizona, www.socialnetworkarizona.com,  look forward to meeting you Thursday, May 17th to help you take your business networking to the NEXT level!

This social media, business networking event & seminar will put you in touch with hundreds of Phoenix and Scottsdale area business leaders… Expand your local network… and increase the online visibility of your company, website, and brand.

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Hosted by Andre Morris
President and Founder, seenBEST Internet Marketing



Social Network Arizona has created a new business page on Google+. Head on over and give it a BIG +1!

This is a two-part video series taking you step-by-step through the process to:

  1. Add your business to the Arizona Business Directory
  2. Edit your profile and company information in the Arizona Business Directory

The Arizona Business Directory is part of Social Network Arizona. The directory provides valuable SEO links for your website and allows you to gain more connections on the social media properties Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Add Your Business to the Arizona Business Directory

Edit Your Company Profile in the Arizona Business Directory

Our special guest speaker at the October Social Network Arizona seminar is Business Coach Dan Creed. He will teach us LinkedIn strategies to help maximize business growth.

If you don’t already have a LinkedIn account, get one now so you come prepared! I’ve prepared a short video that walks you through the steps to create a new LinkedIn account.
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This video will help your friends get their own Google+ accounts, allowing them to connect with you and join in! To learn powerful social networking strategies, come see me (The Social Network Princess) at our next Social Network Arizona seminar. Click this link to RSVP: http://www.socialnetworkarizona.com/seminar/



Social Network Arizona takes business to business networking to the NEXT level. Join us for our powerful networking and social media seminar. CONNECT with area business leaders who are ready to learn about you and your company, generate more referrals, increase sales, and expand your network! Our next seminar is being held October 19, 2011. Seating is limited!

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  • Connect with 100 Arizona businesses owners at The Clarion Hotel
  • Learn powerful social marketing strategies for your business
  • Guest speaker Dan Creed, Certified Business Coach and Owner of FocalPoint Business Coaching of Arizona
  • Hundreds of dollars in prizes will be given away

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