Dear Small Business Owners, here are the details for our special event in May!

The business leaders that comprise Social Network Arizona,,  look forward to meeting you Thursday, May 17th to help you take your business networking to the NEXT level!

This social media, business networking event & seminar will put you in touch with hundreds of Phoenix and Scottsdale area business leaders… Expand your local network… and increase the online visibility of your company, website, and brand.

To RSVP and learn how you can earn a free Golden Ticket (a $20 value!) visit our event page on Facebook:


Hosted by Andre Morris
President and Founder, seenBEST Internet Marketing



Mission: Small Business is a program sponsored by Chase Bank and LivingSocial. These two companies have teamed up and are running a social media contest that will ultimately help up to 12 small businesses across the US. They will be awarding up to 12 grants, valued at $250,000, to selected small businesses who are approved, meet program guidelines, and are selected from the list.

Are you a business owner? Would you like an opportunity to earn a $250,000 grant? It’s easy, all you have to do is visit the official Mission: Small Business website to apply! Click here:

After your application has been received the Mission: Small Business website informs you that you need to gather 250 votes from around the internet in order for your application to be eligible. Have you already submitted your application and are now looking for a way to get the 250 votes you’ll need? The “how to engage consumers” page offers some good advice to help you round up the 250 votes you’ll need. It says:

  • Use social media to build excitement and make your customers aware that they can vote for your business. That’s a great idea! You should post the link on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ streams. If you aren’t sure where to start, seenBEST Web Design can help you create social media accounts. They provide a free Social Media strategy session, visit for more information.
  • Use email to notify your customers that your business is competing in the program. If you don’t already have an email marketing campaign established seenBEST can help you get it going.
Beyond email and Social Media, you can use other methods to get the 250 votes you’ll need to enter your application into the program.
  • You can print up a business card sized ad with a QR code that takes visitors to your store directly to the necessary page, allowing them to vote.
  • You can tell me the name of your business in the system and I’ll give you a vote! Type your business name into the comments section of my blog below.
  • Read through all of our comments in the area below this article. We have posted additional tips that really work in there!

That’s what small businesses are here for, to help each other – right? Thanks to Chase for this incredible offer and GOOD LUCK!


How to Vote:
  • Visit
  • Click the “Login & Support” button in the bottom right of the page then accept the Facebook login requests
  • Search for seenbest and vote for us. You can vote for as many businesses as you like, so look for other companies you like and vote for them too.
  • Leave a comment below with the name of your business so that I and other visitors to this page can also vote for you!

Remember, add your business name to the comments below so we can vote for you!