If you’re an existing Ping.fm customer you may have received an email recently from Seesmic with the subject line “Ping.fm closing down on July 5th”. For those of you who have been using Ping.fm on a regular basis, this shouldn’t have come as a surprise. We’ve been notified several times in the past that Seesmic purchased Ping.fm and intended to improve the service, close Ping.fm, and ask existing users to make the switch.

The email that was sent today states, in part, the following:

“As previously communicated, we are shutting down Ping.fm.  As of July 5th, you will no longer be able to access Ping.fm.

The new Seesmic Ping, which replaces Ping.fm, is now live, and you can either sign up directly, or between now and July 5th, log into your Ping.fm account and use the wizard we put in place to help you go through the sign up process.”

Unfortunately, in my opinion, the ‘upgrade’ is disappointing. I think Seesmic should reconsider this move and keep Ping.fm open until they improve Seesmic! Here’s where I have issue with closing Ping.fm for the replacement they have available:

  • The upgrade process is not an upgrade process! I logged into Ping.fm then clicked the link to “Continue here to upgrade Seesmic Ping.”, expecting to see all of my account details magically transform into a new and improved service. Instead, Seesmic prompted me to create a new, basic Seesmic account and fill out my profile details all over again. None of my Ping.fm account settings were moved over.
  • If you want to post at any level of volume you’ll need to upgrade to a paid account. I don’t have a problem paying for a tool as long as it is  useful, but this one misses the mark! See below.
  • Even the paid version of Seesmic disappoints when compared to the free version of Ping.fm. There is a fraction of social networks available. The functionality is lacking. The only improvement is the creation of apps, but I’ve always used the web version and the applications aren’t of much value to me. Seesmic is being called an upgrade over Ping.fm but I’m not feeling the love!

Look, I am long-time Ping.fm account holder and have used this service regularly. The bottom line is this, Ping.fm was easily the most powerful service online to take a single status update and blast it to dozens of social media channels all at once. Take a look at the screenshot to the left for an example of the powerful features provided by Ping.fm . This is a partial list of social networks supported by Ping.fm and the ones currently setup through my Ping.fm account:

Ping.fm allows a single status update to be posted automatically to a robust list of social networks, including: Twitter, MySpace, GTalk, Tumblr, LinkedIn, AIM, Indenti.ca, Brightkite, Plurk, FriendFeed, Blogger, Plaxo Pluse, WordPress.com, Delicious, YouTube, Multiply, Yammer, Flickr and even more accounts – many not visible on this list.

When upgrading to Seesmic they give us a total of four accounts: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. Really, just four accounts? See the graphic below:

Why do I need Seesmic at all, let alone a paid version? I can automatically link my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts together easily using other free services being offered. What made Ping.fm really special was the ability to blast dozens of social networks all at once – even those that aren’t necessarily mainstream.

Seesmic should read this blog and consider leaving Ping.fm open until they can make a suitable replacement for it! Ping.fm is an amazing service, there’s nothing like it available right now. I could see myself paying a small monthly fee to use an upgraded version of Ping.fm, one with features such as the ability to post directly to Facebook Groups (not just pages).

Are you a Ping.fm user, have you seen the recent changes? What do you think?


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Jul 3, 2012
1:43 am
#1 Loic :

Hi and thanks for your interest, I’m Loic, Seesmic’s CEO.

Most of the services you mention are small, dying or already dead, who really uses Plurk, Identi.ca and even MySpace? Not to mention Friendfeed that was sold to Facebook and left near dead more than 3 years ago, I am surprised you do not mention this.

99% of the posts were going to the services we support today in the new Seesmic Ping

Instead of offering a large number of dying services in a not so reliable way we decided to focus on highly reliable services posting to places people really use and care about.

It’s too bad you don’t use the mobile apps, they are getting very popular already and that is we think, a major upgrade to ping.fm that had no mobile apps at all.

We hope you give it a shot.

Jul 3, 2012
6:27 am
#2 Social-Network-Princess :

Loic, I really appreciate your comment! Thank you for visiting my blog and helping me understand the official strategy behind the changes. I can certainly see your point with regards to focusing on a smaller number of networks, although I did like the diversity offered in Ping.fm.

Seesmic Ping, in current form, isn’t very attractive to me due to my lack of interest in the mobile apps. I can see how this would be a huge plus to others, however.

As a Social Media power user I can tell you about two features that I am definitely interested in. If you can get these into Seesmic I would most certainly revisit the idea of a paid account:

1. The ability to broadcast to Google+ profiles and pages
2. The ability to broadcast to Facebook groups

I’ve read that Google+ is under works so I will continue to check in with Seesmic ping for that feature.

Jul 5, 2012
10:51 pm
#3 Kim :

Loic, I haven’t used my ping account in a couple years. Then today there is a post to my facebook and twitter from ping.fm… A spammy work at home at that I didn’t place there… so how do I get into my old ping.fm account to cancel it?

This sucks, I don’t want hackers posting to my facebook and twitter..

Very disappointed.

Jul 12, 2012
10:00 pm

Princess, you are quite right. Loic, you are reputedly a very bright entrepreneur yet you have completely failed your loyal clients – okay so there is a bit more to life than just the “big 4″ you mention but not that much, fair enough.

However, you fail to identify the migration canard i.e. ‘Seesmic say we have a migration tool but it’s actually another darn form to start all over again.’ It’s an insult to your users and a complete waste of my time – alas you’ve lost me, I have no desire to touch any product with your name on it. This is customer oblivious stupidity and frankly your subscription rates suggest you don’t even follow the micropayment future of the web… Developers: bring us a better app for the Ping refugees!!


Jul 13, 2012
1:04 pm
#5 claudiom :

I came across this blog post while searching for a Ping.fm-like service that supercedes this disappointing Seesmic Ping. Mr. Le Meur, if what you say is true about all the previously-supported social networks “dying,” then they wouldn’t be around, correct? It seems that they are and, while they don’t have the mainstream popularity of the ones you currently support with Seesmic Ping, they are still alive with users. I used to use Ping.fm to post to Facebook, Twitter, and StatusNet (namely Identi.ca). With this new version, I can’t send to Identi.ca anymore. As it stands now, even the currently supported social networks aren’t well supported (Ex: links posted to FB don’t show a preview as if I had posted them directly on FB, something the original Ping.fm did well). So far, you’ve left users with a poor replacement for the original Ping.fm, something that I feared would happen when I heard about Seesmic’s acquisition of Ping.fm. I hope you reconsider your position on the matter, but for now I shall have to find a better replacement. Given this blog post, I am sure I’m not the only one either.

Jul 18, 2012
4:12 pm
#6 Jo :

I do totally agree with the post and was as dissappointed with Seesmic as the author!!! Now I cannot make the switch to the new account or transfer all the data I put into Ping.fm. That´s a lot of work lost!!
Well done for the good comment!!

Jul 19, 2012
2:27 pm
#7 Derek :

I couldn’t agree more! I too was completely disappointed by what seesmic offered as you right say, “an upgrade” to ping.fm This is a massive “downgrade” and I just cannot see what Seesmic are hoping to gain? That all loyal ping,fm users will suddenly start paying them $97/month. I think they have totally misjudged this one, and I for one hope they do decide to bring back ping.fm – we should start a campiagn :>)

Aug 14, 2012
1:24 am
#8 OblongCircles :

Okay, a few quick things…
1. Thank you your majesty for airing the concerns of many instead of being yet another site griping & moaning about the loss of Ping.fm (that means you Social-Network-Princess- kudos ).

2. Suggestion for Loic – re-enable Ping.fm, brand it as Seesmic Ping, let users pay for it (because I sure as hell will). It’s a huge win-win! You make lots of moolah, users love you for bringing sexy back and everyone stops griping about ping-go-bye-bye. Did I mention you make lots of moolah? Heck, you know and I know the technology works, you know the user database is just sitting on your server somewhere collecting digital dust. Make it happen dude.

Oct 20, 2012
9:36 am
#9 Gregory Garvin :

As a long time user of ping.fm also, I agree that the slim selection is frustrating. Google+, FourSquare, youTube, Blogger, last.fm, MySpace(teens still go there), Yahoo are all great services with marketing capabilities. The list may needed trimming but the concept of posting is to reduce work and spend more time engaging after posts. I’d be happy to pay for this service especially as it saves time. What differentiates this from Hootsuite?

Nov 12, 2012
4:23 pm

I agree with everything you stated. I have been looking for something ever since to keep up with all of my social networks and I haven’t been able to find anything that even comes close to ping.fm! I want my ping.fm back. Seesmic is more than a disappointment, it’s a disgrace – which is why I never used it prior to the take over. I’ve been so bummed since ping.fm sold out :(

Dec 17, 2012
7:27 am
#11 Sigal Zoldan :

Thanks for this post. I didn’t login to my Ping.fm account for a while. I am disappointed to hear that that’s what’s been going on. I agree, seesemic should read your blog and consider implementing the changes. Do you know of any other service that is similar to ping.fm?
Sigal Zoldan recently posted..Blog title 5My Profile

Mar 29, 2013
12:36 am
#12 JoJo :

I have been using Twitterfeed and at least it is free. They now have Facebook and LinkedIn. At least you can easily automate the top ones. You can also socialize via feedburner now. Hope this helps.
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May 11, 2013
12:44 pm
#13 Composer app :

Good news! We’re working on a ping.fm replacement! It already supports quite a few networks and we’re adding more!
Composer app recently posted..Composer’s own link shortenerMy Profile

Jun 19, 2013
2:18 pm
#14 Fernando :


I personally preferred the variety offered in Ping.fm.
the “upgraded” version is not very appealing to most social media/ marketing gurus due to lack of interest in the quantity of social media websites that are offered.

“food for thought”

Jul 29, 2013
5:24 pm
#15 David :

Princess, ping.fm was recommended to me as a way to update all my sites at once. It sounded great, but then I found out it doesn’t exist anymore. What should I do?

Dec 27, 2013
9:55 am
#16 peter :

does any body know of a similiar FREE service something on the lines of ping.fm thanks a frustrated newbie merry xmas to all and all the best in 2014 pete xx

Feb 24, 2014
2:15 pm
#17 Leron :

I love Ping.fm until its closing

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