A large number of people have taken to social media over the past several months with posts, tweets, videos, and pictures about their diets. People are always excited to show off new and improved figures after losing weight, and almost everyone who does so finds themselves rushing to social media to brag to their friends about it. When it comes to losing weight, there are many different programs, plans, exercises, and techniques available. Few work out, so once a person does find a weight loss method that works for them they are eager to share the details of their discovery with the world.

When looking to lose weight and keep it off, most would agree that eating healthy is critical. However, eating healthy is rarely easy, especially for most American’s who live a busy lifestyle at the expense of a healthy one. When you’re away from home, fast food is a fast, easy, and affordable temptation, leading many people seeking a healthy lifestyle astray. Everyone encounters a time where the convenience of a meal on the go outweighs the benefits of cooking at home.

If you find yourself away from home when it’s time for lunch, breakfast, or dinner, locating a fast and healthy restaurant is not easy, but it is possible. If you’re conscientious of what goes into your body, one fast food you can usually count on is a sub sandwich. The contents are innocent enough, with meat, cheese, bread, and vegetables fitting nicely within almost everyone’s dieting objectives. The healthy appeal of sub sandwiches, combined with the need for fast and easy meals on the go, has led to these types of restaurants popping up like daisies across the country. Sub sandwich restaurants Subway, Jimmy John’s and Jersey Mike’s all tout healthy choices for those on a reduced caloric diet, but which of these, if any, is really a healthy choice?

A basic comparison of the classic dieter’s favorite, the turkey sub on wheat bread, shows that Subway has the lowest calorie option of the three. It is also significantly lower in sodium content and cholesterol. Jersey Mike’s has the highest fat content of the three, and also the highest amount of cholesterol. Based on available nutritional information, Subway’s turkey breast on wheat bread is the better choice for those on a diet; however, companies will often try to list things with the lowest possible calories. Nutrition is a numbers game and the statistics will tend to favor the company itself. Sides like mayonnaise, cheese and choice of breads will increase/decrease the amount of fats, sodium, cholesterol and calories in your meal. Someone who is serious about a diet should be looking to cut calories, fat, and sugar out. The best way to do that is to stay away from the aforementioned ingredients, and substitute fresh veggies, mustard, or vinegar. These have no negative impact on the overall nutritional value of the sandwich.

It is important to take a step back and see how the nutritional information is amalgamated. Fresh choices will always be the best. Out of the three chains, Jersey Mike’s is the only one to provide specific, detailed ingredients lists on all of their products. Subway lists those with allergens only and Jimmy John’s lists none at all. Lack of transparency from the Jimmy John’s chain is a point of concern for anyone wanting to lose weight efficiently. Processed meats that are chalk full of nitrates are bad news for your body. Subway and Jersey Mike’s restaurants both use processed meats, but the turkey is free of nitrates in both instances. The breads are also very comparable.

In seeking out which of these three restaurants is the best, I have come to the conclusion that Subway provides a meal that looks good on paper, but Jersey Mike’s is the most honest of the three. To me this matters more, because in order to actually lose weight responsibly, I need to know exactly what it is that I am consuming. For this reason I would choose Jersey Mike’s as the best sandwich shop for a person on the go looking to eat a healthy meal.

Click for more nutritional information for Subway, Jersey Mike’s, and Jimmy John’s.

Which do you prefer, and have you ever gone on a diet of sub sandwiches due to a busy lifestyle away from home? Please leave a comment below!

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Apr 20, 2016
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Screw them if they won’t say whats in the food, I ain’t eating it.

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